Are you enabling Intent of your audience?

Do you feel that sometimes your communication doesn’t lead to the desired action from your audience? The audience can be consumers, shoppers, employees, other stakeholders or even family and friends. What do you think is behind that?
We have undertaken a lot of research on the subject led by our founder Ankur Shiv Bhandari. We believe that a big contributor is the strength of Intent that drives or suppresses action. We have then looked at the factors behind Intent formation which are captured in Ankur’s TEDx talk here: Our continuing research includes the study of Psychology, Economics, and Neuroscience along with the resulting fields of Behavioural Science and Marketing.
Generating Intent and Driving Action is therefore at the heart of whatever we do at Asbiverse Group. This is brought to life by the four divisions of Asbiverse Group focused on different audiences:

Asbiverse: Winning with Shoppers at Point of Purchase (PoP)

Asbiverse focuses on generating Intent and driving action of shoppers.


Direczion: Delivering Learning Joy and Excellence

Direczion ensures optimisation of learning experience and intended actions across different learning environments.


Color Parlour: Creative Studio

Color Parlour supports consumer messaging focused on driving behaviour.


Ankur Shiv Bhandari Intent Management: Generating Intent and Driving Action

ASBIM works with organisation leaders on generating Intent and driving action themselves and with other stakeholders.


To know more about our research and methodology and to set up a complimentary introduction session, please click below:

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