Trade Spend Optimisation

Client – Leading FMCG Organisation
Region – South East Asia


  • Client wanted to refine the ways of working with the Modern Trade Channel in Sri Lanka
  • Key Challenge: Trade Spend, as % of revenue,  was steadily increasing and Modern Trade was growing very fast


  • Developed the ways of working for the Modern trade Channel which included:
    • Understanding of current commercials
    • Structuring the key focus areas to work on with the Modern trade channel and an evaluation framework
  • Developed a Trade Spend Management Tool


  • Client implemented the refined ways of working which led to stronger and more viable relationships
  • The client witnessed:
    • Increase in top line growth from 25% to more than 40% by channel
    • Increase in bottom line growth from 6% to 13% within three years
    • Better control on Trade spend