Customized Brand Messaging using Mobile App

Client – Multinational Lubricants company
Region – Middle East


  • Client was launching a new advanced technology product. A key priority was to drive awareness of the new product and its benefits amongst the key Influencers in the shopper’s journey from path to purchase


  • As a solution, brand messaging was developed in different languages which was delivered through an augmented reality based mobile app developed by Asbiverse Group. It was brought to life using a combination of graphics, videos, and animation
  • The Mobile App was an integration of 3 components:
    • An app that can be installed on a Smartphone or Tablet.
    • A brand story created using 2D/3D/Animation/Videos etc.
    • An image/label that the app scanned to bring the brand story alive


  • The Mobile App enabled the client to communicate the intended brand message/information to the influencers in a consistent way.  The app could be easily shared via mail/blue tooth and served as a ready reference material on phone
  • The App has been downloaded by over 20,000 people and helped to drive a surge of brand awareness for the client